April 19, 2011

Topic: Economic Inequality

Tax the Rich Shuffle with Right to the City


NATIONAL – Right to the City Alliance successfully took on greed gone wild with Tax the Rich Shuffle flashmobs in 7 cities. In Providence, they went inside and did some banking at Bank of America and then started the shuffle. In Miami, an action was held at Carnival Cruises. In San Francisco, a marriage took place at City Hall between Corporations and City Council. In Alexandria, VA people did the shuffle inside a Bank of America branch. In Boston, people went to Goldmen Sachs and Bank of America. In Los Angeles the shuffle went to Citigroup and Bank of America. In New York, the shuffle was in front of the main post office.

In Los Angeles we started inside Citigroup and ended at the door of Bank of America.

Residents who pay taxes but have faced high rates of unemployment, foreclosure and eviction due to the economic collapse will advocate for a more equitable and proportional tax scale so that revenues can be used to re-invest in communities and create jobs.

Boston, New York, Providence, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

For too long the government has allowed corporations and the wealthy to not pay their fair share. Unrestricted greed has created devastation in working class communities and unequal living conditions especially for women and people of color even before the declared recession. Corporations and banks caused the crisis. Now it’s time they pay their fair share, and time for the Government to stop protecting the corporations and start protecting the people.