Monthly Archives: April 2011

Topic: Water and Environment

Aguas con el Agua Campaña del Agua; La ciudad de Maywood, es la más pequeña ciudad en el Sur Este, de Los Ángeles CA. Con una área de una milla cuadrada, donde habitamos cerca de 40 mil gentes, el 90% somos migrantes latinoamericanos y el 70%, de los habitantes inquilinos. En esta pequeña comunidad, existen […]

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In smoggy Los Angeles, one neighborhood pushes back By Jasmin López, April 25, 2011 News about Boyle Heights in Los Angeles tends to be about crime or gentrification. There’s little coverage of air pollution, lack of safe and green spaces, lack of access to affordable and healthy food options — or the residents and […]

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Topic: Economic Inequality

Tax the Rich Shuffle with Right to the City VIDEO FROM TAX DAY’S TAX THE RICH SHUFFLE FLASHMOB ACTIONS IN Los Angeles NATIONAL – Right to the City Alliance successfully took on greed gone wild with Tax the Rich Shuffle flashmobs in 7 cities. In Providence, they went inside and did some banking at Bank […]

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