Monthly Archives: April 2017

Mariachis Are Getting Priced Out of Boyle Heights


BY JASON MCGAHAN As a mariachi in Boyle Heights, Luis Valdivia plays a bit of everything: trumpet, violin, a ukulele-sized guitar called the vihuela and a very large, six-string acoustic bass called the guitarrón. Valdivia’s younger brother Enrique Valdivia is also a mariachi. Their father and grandfather were mariachis as well. Each keeps three white mariachi […]

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L.A. Landlords Exploiting Immigration Fears To Threaten Tenants


BY JULIA WICK IN NEWS ON APR 7, 2017 11:09 AM In immigrant-heavy neighborhoods like Boyle Heights, community groups have seen a marked uptick in landlords exploiting immigration fears to threaten tenants since the election. Unscrupulous landlords who threaten to call immigration authorities on undocumented tenants are not a new phenomenon, but, as first reported […]

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