Monthly Archives: June 2017

LA landlords fight plan to make evictions harder


by Josie Huang ^play In the expensive housing markets of northern California, a growing number of cities are making it tougher for landlords to displace tenants by requiring they justify their evictions. Now Los Angeles, with its own housing affordability crisis, may follow their lead. The City Council’s housing panel on Wednesday advanced a proposal […]

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An Artists’ Guide to Not Being Complicit with Gentrification


We write this in hopes that more artists will finally break with their sense of exceptionalism and consider the roles they play in the gentrification process. By: Heather M. O’Brien + Christina Sanchez Juarez + Betty Marin LOS ANGELES — We are Betty Marín, Heather M. O’Brien, and Christina Sanchez Juarez, and we met through […]

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