In LA, Fear of Gentrification Greets New Nonprofit Art Space

by Matt Stromberg, June 3, 2016 LOS ANGELES — Art and gentrification have a long and complicated relationship. The arrival of galleries and artists’ studios to a neighborhood is often the first step in successive waves of disruption as boutiques, high-end restaurants, and condos follow. Long-term residents are displaced as rents rise in these newly […]

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Creating Community

February 25, 2016 | The Horizon and the skyline blog I’ve heard people complain that Angelenos don’t know their neighbors. To a large degree that’s true. We tend to build our own little self-contained worlds, and get nervous when outsiders try to invade. In order to make it through the day, I try to keep […]

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Free Landscape Classes Hosted by LADWP

Saturday Feb 6th, 2016 from 9am – 12pm in downtown LA. Come and learn how to save water and make the most of your yard, garden, or community space! To RSVP email: indicate that you want to attend, include your name, LADWP service address, phone number, and name of guest (limit one guest).

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Topic: Tenant Rights

You can hear the radio interview here You can view the tenants open letter to developers and city here Today, the LA Right to Housing Collective with Union de Vecinos, LACAN, and Comunidad Presente supported tenants as they organized a press conference outside 2913 Flower St. near USC. Recently a developer working through a third […]

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Topic: Reclaiming Neighborhoods


Does New Affordable Housing in Boyle Heights Address Community Needs? Boyle Heights – Two thirds of the proposed housing on the vacant MTA lots will be unaffordable to a majority of Boyle Heights residents. Developers are setting their income levels to qualify for the apartments using the LA County Area Median Income of $81,500. However, […]

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Topic: Public Land Use


PEOPLE’S PROCLAMATION FOR USE OF PUBLIC LAND IN BOYLE HEIGHTS DECLARATION FOR USE OF PUBLIC LAND IN BOYLE HEIGHTS Whereas, over 3 billion dollars of public money were used to displace over 2,000 families  in Boyle Heights through redevelopment projects. Whereas, these public projects demolished rent controlled affordable housing and public housing throughout Boyle Heights […]

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Topic: Housing


A few days ago HACLA representatives invited the residents of Pico Aliso to an impromptu meeting. The meeting was to discuss the establishment of a private management in the development to “follow through with original intent of the redevelopment plan of Pico Gardens.” They presented this as a done deal. However, there are many problems […]

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