Mariachis Are Getting Priced Out of Boyle Heights


BY JASON MCGAHAN As a mariachi in Boyle Heights, Luis Valdivia plays a bit of everything: trumpet, violin, a ukulele-sized guitar called the vihuela and a very large, six-string acoustic bass called the guitarrón. Valdivia’s younger brother Enrique Valdivia is also a mariachi. Their father and grandfather were mariachis as well. Each keeps three white mariachi […]

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L.A. Landlords Exploiting Immigration Fears To Threaten Tenants


BY JULIA WICK IN NEWS ON APR 7, 2017 11:09 AM In immigrant-heavy neighborhoods like Boyle Heights, community groups have seen a marked uptick in landlords exploiting immigration fears to threaten tenants since the election. Unscrupulous landlords who threaten to call immigration authorities on undocumented tenants are not a new phenomenon, but, as first reported […]

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Residents Of Boyle Heights Protest Gentrification Efforts


BOYLE HEIGHTS ( — Residents and supporters gathered Saturday to take a stance against recent gentrification efforts happening in a Boyle Heights community. The protest was in response to a possible hate crime investigation after someone vandalized a gallery door located on the corner of Anderson and Sixth streets. CBS2’s Joy Benedict reported the issue […]

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On Boyle Heights, art galleries, changing neighborhoods and rising rents


  The Los Angeles Police Department launched an investigation into three instances of vandalism targeting art galleries in Boyle Heights — including graffiti that read “f— white art” on one gallery — as  potential hate crimes, as longstanding concerns  over gentrification in the neighborhood heat up. Tension between longtime Boyle Heights residents and newcomers has […]

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Police Investigate LA Gallery Vandalism as Hate Crime


New galleries are being blamed for higher rents in the area. Henri Neuendorf Police in Los Angeles are investigating the vandalism of three art galleries in Boyle Heights last month as anti-gentrification sentiment in the area intensifies. One of the incidents last month is being treated by police as a possible hate crime after vandals […]

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