Right to Housing

Housing is a human right.  Our goal is to ensure that housing is protected for the most in need in our communities. We work to prevent the destruction and conversion of rent controlled housing, a long term housing resource for very low income people.  We also fight against the elimination of and for the preservation of public housing. We do this through preventing relocation of tenants and demolition of the housing stock and changing the inspection process and repair standards to ensure the current housing stock is preserved. In addition to our campaign for the right to housing and to support  our organizing efforts on housing issues we provide case management on housing issues for tenants.  This includes organizing tenant rights clinics, negotiating with landlords, working with LAHD inspectors and landlords to improve housing conditions, testifying at hearings, and when needed accompanying tenants to court. All of these strategies are integrated into an anti-gentrification campaign that develops community ownership and solidarity on issues affecting the neighborhood and a structure and knowledge by which they create the conditions to resist relocation and displacement.

If you are a tenant and need support, please call our office at (323) 908-3454.  We have clinics on Wednesday evenings but call ahead for an appointment. 
Also join the L.A. Tenants Union | 
Sindicato de Inquilinos de LA the first and third Mondays of each month from 7pm  - 9pm.

Our major accomplishments to fight for the right to housing include:

  • Won a guarantee for public housing residents to stay in their developments during reconstruction 
    and get a new home (impacting 342 families)
  • Stopped the privatization of public housing in the City of Los Angeles for 2014 ( impacting 
    22,000 residents)
  • Won a lawsuit against HACLA for illegal rent increases (benefiting 
    3,200 families)
  • Delayed HACLA’s plan  to eliminate 14 public housing developments for a 5 year period 
    (benefiting 22,000 residents)
  • Passed 2 advisory measures in Maywood protecting families from the demolition of their homes 
    (benefiting 28,000 residents)
  • Organized, drafted, and passed Just Cause Ordinance in the City of Maywood (benefiting 25,760 
  • Formed the first Tenants Union in East Los Angeles (533 members)
  • Brought Housing Code Enforcement Inspections back to Council District 14 after a 2 year absence 
    (benefitting 69,000 tenants)