Topic: Reclaiming Neighborhood

Blog 8

No Beach? No Greenery? Paint the Floor and Watch An Alley Grow by Kris Fortin Teresa Alfaro, 45, waters the plants in an alley between Mathews Street and Penrith Drive, just two blocks from Whittier Boulevard and Soto Street. Alfaro, whose home is at the entrance of the alley, said her husband and three sons […]

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Topic: Environment

Alma Salcido and her husband Nicolás have lived in Boyle Heights for more than 20 years and raised their family in the majority-Latino community just east of downtown across the Los Angeles River. Boyle Heights is a vital community with a rich history as a West Coast gateway for Mexican, Japanese and European Jewish immigrants. […]

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Topic: Tenant Rights

Court Fails to Rule on “Hubbing” After two days of arguments, a Federal Judge dismissed a request for a restraining order to stop LA County Superior Court from “hubbing” eviction cases heard in its jurisdiction. The judge’s decision was based on the doctrine of “abstention,” — basically, the idea that the Federal court shouldn’t tell […]

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Topic: Neighborhood


Alegria Committee of Union de Vecinos Begins Their Street Build One of Union de Vecinos’s neighborhood committees, Alegria, began their construction today of benches and tables to be installed along St. Louis St near Hollenbeck Park. They also began building benches for their mini mobile movie theater the plan to use for movie nights in […]

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Topic: Housing


WYVERNWOOD APARTMENTS NEXT TARGET FOR DESTRUCTION OF RENT CONTROLLED HOUSING. Los Angeles Tenants Need to Prepare for the Battle Ahead. In the last month many people have asked Union de Vecinos about Wyvernwood and the struggle to stop its demolition. We have signed the petitions, we have seen the flurry of facebook messages, emails, tweets, […]

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Topic: City Hall

General Services Police violates brown act in City Hall On Frebruary 5th, 2013, members of the Los Angeles Human Right to Housing  Collective were prevented from  attending a City Council meeting.   When the Collective members entered the City Hall building they were asked to show identification. The Collective representatives explained that they were attending […]

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Topic: Politics

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION! Today, THURSDAY: 1/30/13 LA City Council will vote on whether to pass the Community Care Facilities Ordinance (CCFO) into policy. Join the LA Human Right to Housing Collective and UNION DE VECINOS at the RALLY TO STOP THE CCFO CITY HALL: 8:30AM Although the ordinance has drawn mass criticism […]

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Topic: Building Community


Boyle Heights Community, Metro Clash at Meeting Over Development at MTA Owned Property  Disparate Homeowners, longtime residents, advocacy groups and other stakeholders hijacked the discussion at Thursday night’s Metro community meeting concerning Metro owned properties in Boyle Heights. The meeting was supposed to be Metro’s sole opportunity to get community input before submitting design guidelines […]

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