August 25, 2015

Topic: Tenant Rights

You can hear the radio interview here

You can view the tenants open letter to developers and city here

Today, the LA Right to Housing Collective with Union de Vecinos, LACAN, and Comunidad Presente supported tenants as they organized a press conference outside 2913 Flower St. near USC. Recently a developer working through a third party entity tried to approach tenants to ask them how much they would accept to leave the building if he bought it. The property is located in the middle of recent development that has brought many amenities and the expo line. The long time residents work in the area, use the services in the area and have built a neighborhood where they know their neighbors and feel safe. The result of all this development should be to benefits current residents in the area and should not be used to push or price long term residents out. The press conference held by tenant members of Comunidad Presente was too communicate to potenetial developes looking at the building and suggesting that they relocate that the residents are here to stay.