June 18, 2011

Topic: Community, HACLA, and Mayor

Mayor’s Office Goes Against The Community And Nominates New HACLA Board After Abandoning Negotiations

As we reported last weekend several HACLA Board of Commissioners resigned including the resident representative Maria del Angel. For months, residents have been meeting with the mayors office to discuss the process and nominate potential replace-ments. At a meeting last week with the Mayor’s office, they agreed to accept nominations but explained that they did not know of anything moving forward at the present time. The next day after this meeting, the Mayor announced his own nominations.

The Mayor’s office had promised to dialogue with public housing leaders and provide information on timing and process. He broke his commitment and betrayed the trust of residents. He should restart the process in a way that is transparent and inclusive. Furthermore he should request the resigna-tion of all current commission members.

The Mayor is rushing into select-ing new commissioners without introducing his nominees to the community or giving anyone an opportunity get to know who these candidates are and whether they will look out for the concerns of residents. He also refused to look at other potential qualified candidates who live in public housing.

Join us at a press conference this Tuesday, June 21st at City Hall. We will be meeting at 346 S. Gless St at 9:00am to go to-gether to City Hall.